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Various Handicaps for a 5nm closed waters race

Need help as to setting handicaps for 8 yachts in a 5 to 6nm closed water race.
All yachts are Fin except for the Moody 43

The boats are:
Moody 43 In Mast / Shoal draft
Bavaria 42
Bavaria 40
Jeaneau 39i
Bavaria 38
Catalina 38
Catalina 36 /In Mast
Jarkan 36
Thanks and Best Wishes for 2015
Bruce Stanley/ C36 / In Mast / Fin/  #2282
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There are listings for Sailboat Handicaps in Google Web Site. However they are basic so you have to figure in additional time for sail size, equipment, roller furling, etc. to come up with a usable handicap.


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Bruce, Mike,

I don't know squat about racing and PHRF, but it seems like it would be a great thing to have in the Members' area of the site ....  what do you guys think? Is there a set of basic info that would be useful for other C36 owners? A list of PHRF numbers for our boats in different locations, with different equipment?

Any thoughts?


Nick Tonkin
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PHRF rating I race on the Neuse River eastern NC area.  My phrf rating is 162 this is with Wing keel, no spinaker and 155 genoah.  also regular prop, no folding.  I do have the tall rig. 

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