Second spy halyard

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Second spy halyard

Hi all,

We use to race our C36 TR quite a lot. Since we started using a Code 0, we are stating the need to add a second Halyard for the asimetrycal spi when peeling, as We want to keep the Code 0 hoisted. We have a carbon bowsprit.

Also a second Halyard is always a good option as spare one.

As space is limited in the cockpit, the idea is to add a clutch on the mast base, run the halyard through a block at the base of the mast and back to the cockpit to use one of the winches.

We are also wondering if the new halyard should run inside or outside the mast. Prefer to run it inside for noise and aesthetic.

There are no more mast collar pin free, is it possible to add one more? If not will fix a block with a dyneema loop.

Any suggestion are more than welcome.

Best Regards!

Ther is no more

Eladio Vallina

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This is what I did.  Use a section of threaded rod, same size as the collar bolts, and put a washer, nut, and a cap nut at one end.  Remove the collar bolt in the location you want your halyard block.  Insert threaded rod from inside thru collar. Add a washer then the " Eye Nut" shown below to receive your halyard block. 

Clifford Bassett
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