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Wires slapping inside of mast

Does anyone know how to secure loose wires slapping the inside of your mast.

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What year, hull number and model is your boat? Do you have in-mast furling? You get better answers/suggestions if you include details like this in your signature (You can edit your Account info.)


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Hi Paul!

I just noticed your signature and that you hale from Rye NH! My sister, Lydia Meade lives in Rye Beach! SUCH a beautiful area! I assume you keep your boat in Newburyport MA? 

How did you fare with all the snow? (I think Boston got hit pretty hard!)

We just winterized this past weekend. Sailing season runs a bit longer here on the Bay...

Just wanted to say hello!

Cyndi Van Herpe


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Unless this is a PO mod. All wires run in a 1" pvc tube to 6" from either end.  Might it be a halyard??    

Common method for loose wires in a mast is to use 3 zip ties on 2' spacing.  Arange the zip ties in shape of a piece sign - leave tails on.  



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