Windows - really...

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Windows - really...

Why should sailboat manufacturers use lexan type glass that crazed like crazy and not automotive quality glass that doesn’t craze? Is it the possible flex factor?  Can’t they just engineer that part of the boat to not flex?  Just asking...

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Not that this is  a direct answer,  but we had something like automotive glass in the original aluminum framed windows on our Mk1, and the leak factor was a PITA.   Replaced with frameless glued on acrylic windows about 5 years ago, no leaks, but they are more prone to scratching.    

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I don't think you would want real glass which is what automotive glass is.  I have an auto glass business, and when that stuff breaks ( all windows excepting the windshield) it will shatter into 5 billion pieces.  It could be as simple as a halyard getting loose and swinging into it, a mis-placed heavy step under way, a dropped tool etc.  You decide, ascratched or crazed piece of Lexan or a hole where a piece of glass once lived?  No thanks on glass.

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Technical spoken you can have good laminated glass panels, but these are quite expensive compared to Lexan.
I consider that for the business case the manufacturers are aiming for a good margin, high selling price and cheap to purchase / manufacur.

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Our 1986 C30 main cabin side windows were glass in aluminum frames. The opening ports were all acrylic or Lexan. We had a 1982 Cape Dory- all the opening ports were glass set in bronze frames. can be done.....I'm sure more expensive designs than just plastic withou any frame.

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