Why No Float switch !

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Why No Float switch !

Anyone know why there is no float switch on the bilge pump of the head or the shower? Instead there is a switch to turn it on manually. I found the "restroom odor" was due to collected liquid in this bildge.

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I'm going to guess the pan may be too shallow for a float switch to work.

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I'd tend to agree. Even if there was a switch, there is going to be a certain amount of water that runs back into the sump, after the pump is turned off. The hose runs up to a siphon break, above the water line, and all that water is going to run back in, float or manual switch. No way around that that I can think of, except maybe a one way valve. There's not a lot of room in that sump for much other than the pump, at least on my boat.

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Even if you did have a float switch, you would never get all of the standing water out of the shower pan. You will always have at least a 1/2" left over. Even the best bilge pump will not get all the water out. I always sponge it out after the family uses the shower. (isn't being Captain a glorious job!?!). If you really want one, why not just install a float switch yourself. It would be a easy enough job. Make sure all the electrical connections are completely water-tight with adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing.

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I agree that there is not much room in the bilge. I guess I wanted to know if there is any other reason. If someone using the shower forgets to let the water out periodically it will overflow to the main cabin sole.

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We don't have guests aboard who: a) use the inside shower AND b) are uneducated as to ways aboard a small boat. So, we don't have a problem with anyone ever overfilling the sump area.

Energizing the sump pump may just need to be part of your Captain's boat brief for any crew that need to know.

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Is the pump in the sump a "dry run" capable pump? If so, then as you step into the shower, you should start the pump, and turn it off when finished.

We tend to shower until the sump is full and then turn the pump on. I told the children that sump holds all the water for one shower, so when its full, its time to finish up. But the better half, loves her long hot showers (thats why we bought the 375). So she just turns on the pump when the sump is full.

The new boat arrives next week, and shower sump management is on the list of improvements.

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On our last trip we had a bad oder in the head I washed the floor and all around the bowl. Added water to rinse and enought to maintain a clean back flow from pump. Man what a defference And I use to add chemicles to the head while it was short shooters that needed better aim on a port tack.

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