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Which post configuration on Trojan T105?

Just curious which terminal post configuration most of the users of the Trojan T105 have?  I have read on other forums that the embedded low profile post can really only safely handle 1 lug per post.  Some have tried 2 lugs and have an issue with getting the nut on the threaded stud a reasonably safe distance.  Has anyone here had issues and what was your work around (bus bar?)?  Does anyone use anything other than the embedded low profile post and how many lugs do you get on? 

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I purchased 4 Trojan T-105s this past spring. The ELPT was the only option available at the provider I chose (a golf cart company here in Mass).  The 5/16" terminal stud does get a bit crowded with lugs and ring terminals, so I am considering adding an additional terminal end.  I was hoping I could avoid screwing in a full bus bar and running additional cables, etc, and just add terminal stud length.  This could be an option here...  

My most crowded post has two battery cable lugs plus two ring terminals, and still ample thread remaining to tightly secure the nut.  (Getting a proper cover on the POS terminal is another issue).  Since image uploads aren't working, feel free to message me and ill send a picture.  

A couple of additional issues to overcome, which you are probably already aware of, but in case you aren't:  Not sure which C36 you have, but in the MkII, the original battery boxes are designed for 4D batteries and will be too short to accomodate the T-105s end to end.  As suggested by another poster, I cut mine in half and re-glassed them, adding about an inch or so.  Additionally, the T-105s are taller than 4Ds, so the 2x4 hold-downs commonly found on our boats will no longer work either.  I write about my tie down strap solution for this my this post here.....


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