Welcome to those new to the C36IA Forum - July 2009

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Welcome to those new to the C36IA Forum - July 2009

New members and guests,

May I respectfully suggest that participants in this forum provide more information about yourself and your boat. There are several ways to do this on the forum, such as in your profile, and/or in the automatic signature that you can set up for every post you make; just take a look around and see how others are doing this. I imagine you're worried about spam, but honestly, that has not been a problem so long as you don't put your email in plain view...instead use a system like "johndoe(at)yahoo(dot)com" if it is ever necessary to mention an email address. I've been participating in this forum for at least 6 years, and have never been bothered by spam.

It would be courteous as well as beneficial for members to provide their full name, their boat's name, hull number and year of mfr, where it is based, and what waters you sail. This will benefit you in several important ways. First, it makes your presence here more personal to other C36 owners who are offering to assist a fellow owner, possibly increasing the likelihood of a faster or more complete reply; Second, it allows a natural "sorting" of any technical questions that arise...folks who have or are knowledgeable about Mk I series, for example, will more readily respond if the question comes from or is more applicable to a Mk I, etc; Third, when we know you might be sharing the same marina or the same home port, it sometimes allows face-to-face help to be offered.

Who knows, someday you might be anchored in the same bay with another C36, and you'll recognize the boat name, dinghy over, and make the acquaintance of a really nice person.

Welcome Aboard. We welcome your questions...and when we're in need and you have the answer, we for sure welcome that also.

[This is a duplicate of a previous post, offered here for the convenience of those new to the forum.]

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