V-Berth Hatch Replacement

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V-Berth Hatch Replacement

We were in the process of painting the deck of our '83 Mk I and left the molded V Berth hatch sitting in place, but not screwed to the deck.  One freak windstorm later and our hatch is no where to be found.  I've been looking for a replacement hatch for weeks with no luck.  Cruising Concepts no longer manufactures that acrylic retrofit hatch that people seem to like so much.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find a replacement hatch?  Perhaps someone on here that installed the retrofit hatch when they existed still has the original laying around?  Are there scrap yards in your neck of the woods that might have them?


Joe T. Sylve, Ph.D.

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Have you checked catalinadirect?

True Wind
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I stay away from CD. I only purchase from them as a last resort. Are you wanting to replace the forward hatch or just the lens? I have a friend who has a router and we made a new lens from some acrylic I had.

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Gerry Davies
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I wonder if it possible that several models at that time shared a common hatch design. I have a hatch from an 84' C30 that might fit. Alternatively, if it does fit Don's Salvage in Clearwater FL may have my old Cruising designs acrylic hatch that was on my C30 when it was totaled.

Gerry Davies
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Gerry Davies
Amara 1995 C36mkii #1392
Tampa, FL

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