Used winter cover in very good shape- for a C36 MKII

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Used winter cover in very good shape- for a C36 MKII

We have a used winter cover with many years of future use for $50 plus shipping. I recommend it for milder climates than we experience up here in NH. It is manufactured from a tan colored, water resistant heavy fabric. (The PO of our boat supplied no info on it). Our boat came from Rhode Island. It is a three piece design that ties to the stanchion bases and is also secured by lines running under the hull. It fits over the dodger (use of towels suggested at contact points to eliminate dodger chafe). The cover does not extend over the toe rail, so this design will allow snow buildup on the side decks. It needs a port side zipper replacement where the bow and center covers meet, as well as renewal of some tie down lines. The canvas, seams and other zippers  are in very good shape. Photos are available but were taken on my IPhone so the format is incompatible with this site. If you have questions or want to see photos, connect via or give a call @ 603-767-5351. 

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