Under deck holddown turnbuckle mast mount startels Wife...

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Under deck holddown turnbuckle mast mount startels Wife...

This is my second season tunning my own mast. After doing so, I was having trouble extending the furling main so decided to haul down on the vang... Large bang happened just as my wife was about to take her mid sail nap. luckily the flying shrapnel from the destroyed part did not hit her. I'll pay for this....
There is a track where what appeared to be an after marked stop fit into a slot in the mast ten inches below the cabin roof where the base of a turn buckle could be attached to hold down the cabin top from upward pressure. This slot has a half moon shaped opening so that a stop can be fitted into the mast slot while the mast is in place.
Does anyone know what this stop is called?
Where I can get one?
Also apparently this should only be snugged up in the future??

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For the replacement part, check with your mast manufacturer. Ours is Charleston Spar. Catalina Direct may also have the part.
The turnbuckle should just be a little more than hand snug from a torque perspective. 
Also- check out the threads on this website for others who have repaired this. 
Do you have a solid vang? It seems odd that the vang could exert enough force to snap the turnbuckle mount unless it was already in a weakened state? 

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