Under Chart Table Storage...Lumber Source??

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Under Chart Table Storage...Lumber Source??

Like several other C36 owners, I have removed the swivel seat under the chart table (pre Mk II, #1245, Fall '92).

I have acquired two louvered teak doors and latch buttons from CY...many thanks to Ken (in parts?).

Now need a source for the lumber with which to frame it. CY is not a source. Its scrap is purchased by Don's Marine Salvage, but it cannot help either...sounds strange if they buy the scrap, but then can't sell it.

Chic Lasser and Mike Fries (a former C36 owner) did beautiful jobs ... and virtually identical.

Would like a source of lumber that would closely match the type and color of the Catalina interior framing.

Can anyone offer recommendations?

Brian Giersch
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Not sure where you are but Noah's in Toronto sells teak dimensional lumber.


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