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Just like termite terd but white.  Only found in this area over the tv enclosure in the salon.  Can it be treated locally or do we need to tent.
This pile formed in a bout a month.

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this is something you don't want to find on your boat.
Did you had a change to have a look behind your paneling? Maybe you can see there more to figure out which creature is causing this. 

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Termite infestations are something you want to deal with immediatly ! We looked at a Nosuch 36 in the Florida Keys one day that was heavily infested to a point where the termites had 'swarmed' and had eaten in to the boat's one inch plywood primary bulk head ! This happened in less than two weeks. This boat was kept behind a house and a neighbor had witnessed the swarming event but thought nothing of it. The termites had entered the boat through the hauser pipe on the deck. The 'fess' (or termite dropings) can easily be the color of the wood they are eating so do not be mislead by the color of what you are seeing. Hopefully they are not eating anything structual.
Remove the pictured panneling, make a template of it and burn it as the termites may have laid their eggs in the wood. If you feel that the pannel can be salvaged, use a direct contact type chemical contact killer on the infected area so that all their eggs are killed. Any pest control company should be able to assist you with advice and chemicals.
One other word of caution; You do not state where your boat is located, but do not be lead into thinking that it's too cold for termites to attack. Many closed areas in a boat can heat up quickly in the winter sun.
Best of luck in resolving this problem. 

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