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Swim Ladder Rust

Seeking advice for removing rust from the stainless steel and plastic steps on the swim ladder. I've removed the ladder for a little winter project. 
 I am not opposed to removing the steps, cleaning them and re-stalling the rivets.  What's the best product to remove the rust from the stainless steel and plastic?  Thanks for any guidence. 

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Catboat Willy
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Oxalic acid is a good rust remover.  We use a product call FSR (Fiberglass Stain Remover) made by Davis which is actually oxalic acid in a gel form and is available t most marine supply stores and Amazon. It is easy to apply with a small brush. One word of caution, these ladders can rust from the inside out and the ladder's integrity can be compromised without any visable signs from the outside. Always be sure test the ladder after working on it. Regular Rustolem white paint or Interlux 'Bilgecoat' will work on the fiberglass steps. 


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Ray Taylor
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I just did this job over the weekend.  I used West Marine Hull Cleaner as the main ingredient is Oxalic acid.  FSR is probably a better product but I used what I had.   Rust was gone in 5 or 10 minutes, rinsed and done.       Follow the directions.  

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