Spreader Boots

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Spreader Boots

I'm looking for a pair of 'spreader boots'. West Marine's largest size, "large", are only 3 1/4" and our spreader tips are nearly 4". Where did you buy yours?

Slowdance, 1421

FYI, I think I may have solved the leaky water muffler problem I posted last month. I was able to tighten the rear most screw nearly 1 1/2 turns. Pleanty of traces of water leaking in the area.

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Piece of foam, leather, or even plastic cut in the shape of a "+", with the top and bottom secured around the shroud and the sides secured around the spreader works. Secure the flaps with rigging tape and/or zip ties. I haven't found many or any boots that fit the spreaders on this boat well. The biggest size at West Marine can be made to fit but not real pretty.

Jason V
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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