Room for Improvements and Overland Shipping

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Room for Improvements and Overland Shipping

Hi, I currently have a Catalina 27 and I am planning on retiring in 3 years with the expectation of moving up to 36' to 38' boat as a liveaboard. I have choosen this size range for multiple reasons, 2 of which is I will be single-handing the boat and cost. I will be living mostly off-grid Wintering in the Caribean and traviling the East Coast in the Summer months. The Catalina 36 is at the top of my list at the moment, may change when I start heavly looking at boats next year. 2 questions, I would like to install a Watermaker, and other items like additional battieries, does anyone have recomendations on room and what has to be changed, deteted, ect. to fit a watermaker in the 36. I know, kind of an open ended question.  2nd question is I live in N Texas and would like to purchase, make repairs, and outfit the boat before I retire so would need to ship the boat to N Texas due to my job. Anyone with experience of shipping cost of a boat halfway across the states as my best bet for a boat would be the east coast unless I get lucky and find one near by. I may sail the boat to the Texas coast and ship from there if if there is a big enough cost savings to do that. Any help would be appreciated.