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Remove Plexiglass scratches


Has anyone been able to remove scratches from the fixed glass portholes? There are a number of products that claim to do this and I would gladly polish the scratches out rather than replace the window.


Kevin Schempf
"Windfall"  #1918
 2000 C-36 Mk II TR/WK
 Traverse City, Michigan


Kevin Schempf
"Windfall"  #1918
 2000 C-36 Mk II TR/WK
 Traverse City, Michigan

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Do this at your own risk - I used acetone from CVS ( not fingernail removal polish). Pour some on a paper towel and wipe the plexiglass. Then wash with water. In my case the scratches were from the jib sheet and they came off very easily. Then I sprayed it with RainX - a product in a yellow spray bottle available in an auto store. It puts a layer of wax on the plexiglass so that water runs off and it always looks good - no water mark.


Haro Bayandorian, 1999 C36 MKII, Sail La Vie #1787, M35B,
Coyote Point, San Mateo, CA.

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(Interesting, Haro. I don't think I'd try that, but who can argue that it worked for you.)

Nevertheless, Kevin, are you seeing true scratches, i.e., that are 'cut' into the surface of the plexiglass? Or are you seeing what most of us see at some time or other, *crazing* that is not on the surface, but that occurs deep within the plexiglass? Crazing has no cure other than removal of the offending sheet and replacing with new.


Larry Brandt
S/V High Flight #2109
Pacific Northwest, PDX-based
2002 C-36 mkII SR/FK M35B

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Clear-to-sea is a decent product for minor scratches.It is also an awesome cleaner.


Richard & Joan Bain
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Meguiers also makes a scratch removing polish for plexiglass. I've always had good luck with their stuff.



Deja Vu
1991 MK I # 1106
Marina del Rey, CA

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Thanks everyone. The windows are scratched not crazed, so this should get me started.


Kevin Schempf
"Windfall"  #1918
 2000 C-36 Mk II TR/WK
 Traverse City, Michigan

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Let us know what works best - I'm sure many will be interested.

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The white MAGIC BLOCKS, (about 2" X 2" square soft squishy blocks, wet, worked pretty well to clean the windows with out use of anything but fresh clean water and a clean towel.  Wont do away with deep scratches but will take off scuff marks.  Works very well too to clean up some of the glossy gel coat that gets shoe scuff marks.  


peter g

2000 C36, MK2, Hull. #1897
wonderful, wonderful, wonderful ! ! !.   5 th Catalina



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I used this 3M polishing compound with Excellant results on ports and hatches.

Steve Steakley
​1998 C36 #1711
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