RayMarine 4000+ Autohelm Wheel Clips 4 Sale

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RayMarine 4000+ Autohelm Wheel Clips 4 Sale

Replaced the standard wheel with the Lewmar folding wheel on HelenRita only to discover that the spokes on the old are 1/2" while the new wheel's are 5/8". Being that Defender sells the clips (Raymarine does not stock parts for the old "black wheel" auto helm anymore) in kits of one of each size, I had to buy 3 kits @ $20 a kit and I am now the proud owner of six 1/2" clips (3 new, 3 pre-used), 3 3/4" clips, 3 1" clips and 3 9/8 clips (all new) for which I have no use.

If anyone has a need, I'll sell them for $5 a piece plus S&H (there are 3 on eBay for $25 + S&H for comparison). The first 3 to go get new screws that hold them on plus the spaced  that goes behind the clip. AND, for those who respond to day (or tomorrow) I'll sell two clips for only $10 ....3 for $15... such a deal! If your auto helm has the gray wheel, these wont fit.... for to Ray Marine & they will have them.

I also have the standard 40" wheel if anyone has a need for that, though that would be awkward to ship.
We can negotiate a fair price... just want it out of the garage.

Anyone interested can reach me at pierview13@gmail.com

Chuck Parker
HelenRita 2072 Mk II
2002 Tall Rig - Winged Keel
Atlantic Highlands, NJ