A proper introduction is in order.

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Salty Cracker
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A proper introduction is in order.

Hello gang.
I've been a non-active member of this group for a while during our shopping phase but we are now actual owners so I thought it would be polite if I said "Hi" to yall.
After a very contentious and disagreeable buying process with the former owners, my family now owns hull #1443.
I paid for the membership and boy howdy am I glad I did!! The former owners weren't knowledgeable enough to provide any sort of guidance or instruction about systems or anything to do with the boat. There were no maintenance records of any kind and regular upkeep duties were woefully neglected. The boat didn't even appear to have been used for a couple of years at least. So I'll be studying the manuals that I've found here and getting her caught up.
I'm headed out to the boat this weekend to do what is necessary to move it down the coast to her new home. Once there, I'll begin to treat her right with regular maintenance and upkeep.
I have a lot of questions and am looking forward to learning from your experience.
The #1 reason we have been shopping exclusively for a C-36 is the famed community/after-market support.
My goal is too suck up as much knowledge as I can; Firstly to keep my family safe but secondly, to be able to do my part in passing it on to future seekers here.

S/V Isabel Alden
Mobjack Bay Va.
1995 C36 MKII #1443
Std. Rig, Wing Keel, M35

May the Four Winds blow you safely Home.


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Welcome!   I wish I would have introduced myself as well when I joined.  This place is great and the photos and advice on the forums and technical articles are invaluable. My sail number is 154, so my boat is quite a bit older than yours, but it still sails well.  We recently participated in a 100 nautical mile offshore race from Gulfport to Pensacola and I think we made a good showing. Anyway, use the forums and let's keep this community active.  

Mobile, AL
S/V Beach Belle
1983 Catalina 36 Mk I #154

Std. Rig, Fin Keel, M25


Mobile, AL
S/V Beach Belle
1983 Catalina 36 Mk I #154

Std. Rig, Fin Keel, M25

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Where in Mobjack are you docking her?

Bob Wilson
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York River Yacht Club
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Welcome to the Forum. We are out of Norfolk.  Heading up to Mobjack for a few days at anchor on Monday.  If we can help at all feel free to PM me.

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