No Boat Washing on the Hard

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No Boat Washing on the Hard

For those of us who sail and maintain our boats in New Jersey, has anyone focused on the fact that the NJDEP passed regs that say, as of June, you can not, under any circumstances, wash your boat on the hard if it is not stored on a gravel, grassy or dirt base unless there is a water recycling process in place?

You can wash your boat with soap any time, every day if you wish, if its in the water, but put it on a paved lot and you can't even wash it with clear water, at any time of the year. No washing before that sprong wax before launch (unless you have it moved to a grassy, gravel, etc).

Makes no sense. People power wash decks and houses, cars, etc , but we're going to cause pollution? This is a sailing forum but we have a lot of people in our public marina who trailer their boats and wash them off after a day of fishing. They should be up in arms too.

Any other states with similar regs?

Any lawyers out there... who do we write to?

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Here in Florida where we have a LOT of boats, there are always rules being proposed or put into effect without consideration of the 'whole picture.' It takes a lot of uproar and expense before action is taken to reconsider in light of more complete information.

I don't have any advice for you other than to contact BoatUs; you are a member, right? Hopefully, they can help steer you in the right direction. Good luck!

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