New Interior Cushions and Matresses

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New Interior Cushions and Matresses

I am looking at a 2001 Catalina 36 and I would like to get an extimate on replacing all of the cushions (below) and matresses. Where would I start? Seems to me atht somepne had posted ealrier this year some resources, but can't seem to locate the post.

Thank you in advance,
Glenn Druhot

Glenn Druhot
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You can get them from Catalina or have them made. I would guess the price from Catalina is close to $5000.

I have a like new set of the orginal foam mattress for sale cheap. They are in perfect condition.

Respond if you want to know more.


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I am not sure how to post older threads here. But if you use our boat name and search all posting I made there are ones for the cushions and mattresses.

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Hi, Jim. Do you still have these for sale? Do you have any pictures you could post or email me?

Ben Ethridge
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Atlanta GA

Ben Ethridge
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1984 MK1 Hull# 263

pierview (not verified)

I replaced cushions on my C30 and found that Catalina was much cheaper than any local source.

A tip.... if you buy some and have them shipped to you, try to have them shipped to a marina address rather than your home. I don't know why but for some reason there is a different tax structure or something and it can save you a good bit of change. Had the same thing when I bought jack stands.

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