Maxwell Windlass/Anchor Chain Locker

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Maxwell Windlass/Anchor Chain Locker


I recently installed a new Maxwell 8 windlass on my Catalina 36. The issue that I'm having is that where the chain feeds through the gypsy into the Lazerat, it doesn't stick out as far as the old one and the anchor chain is going to rub on the backside of the lockers fiberglass. Is there something I can do without having to dismantle the new windlass such as Rhino Lining or possibly some stainless steel flashing to keep it from wearing away and tearing up the locker? Or am I going to have to take out the new windlass, fill in the 3 holes with some fiberglass epoxy and start over new? The holes to bolt in the windlass are already super close to the edge and I'm afraid that I just spent money on this new Windlass and it's the wrong one. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.