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Main Sail cover

Our boat is coming with a new boom and main sail, replacing the rolloer furlin rig, now I will need a new main sail cover.

Are there any stock ready made ones or do they have to custom make them?

Where might I find one for a stock C-36 with stock std rig, sail and boom?



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I have been looking for a new mainsail cover....old one has just worn out. I have decided to order one from FX Sails; they are not the least expensive but their reviews were good and I was impressed when I spoke to them recently by phone. I haven't placed the order yet (I think their price is around $300) but plan to shortly. FX Sails has the specs for Catalinas but sails and covers are custom made.

Also, you posted a question about replacing the fake wood laminate tables. Cruising Concepts (located on Orcas Island in Washington state) makes a nifty ;~) replacement for the main salon table with leaves that fold you more room when not needing the whole table. I have several items on my boat from Cruising Concepts (cockpit table, teak steps, etc)....not inexpensive but really well made and great folks to work with. I highly recommend that you take a look at their website.


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Bob, how about Catalina yachts? Another source: We got our new mainsail cover from our local dodger builder.

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I got mine from Catalina Direct. No Hassle and was OK in price


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