Looking for New Sink

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Looking for New Sink

Am looking to replace the original 5" deep galley sink in my 1985 MK I C36. I know all about Catalina Direct's sink, which has been on order since March 2022. Have called periodically to check, am always told they spoke with the manufacturer and will be in two weeks. Then silence and no sink. Last check was early last month.

So, am looking for another source. I've looked at all the obvious marine sources as well as places like Home Depot, etc. Can't find the correct size or can find the correct size but they are just as shallow as what I have now. Goal is a deeper sink.

Size: Outside: 25" X 17", basin: 10" X 14" X 9-3/4" deep

If anyone has found another source for a replacement I'd very much appreciate a pointer to the source or other ideas on where to look.

Thanks all!

David Bond
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I wonder if you would have any luck by contacting some RV dealerships or manufacturers. 

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My wife was against the double sink since it was way too small so I bought a bar sink on line, perfect size.  Love it.

Ed Dewsnap
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Not deeper, but a starting point...

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Or this...If you can live with single basin. JEB

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