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Liveaboard in Fort Lauderdale Area!

Hey guys, I'm in the process of moving to Florida and taking ownership of my "brand new" 1985 Catalina36 mk.1 in early January.
This being said I am scouting out options for a low budget mooring/marina/private dock where I can liveaboard with my girlfriend as we work hard getting the boat ready for extended cruising in the carribean and for a south pacific crossing (as well as getting our bank account beefed up).
I am a pilot out of ft lauderdale executive airport and would apreciate anything nearby... although beggars can't be chossers I've been lead to believe.
Any help is welcomed and thanks for this Forum, lots of usefull info.

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Cooley's Landing, a Civic Marina up the New River had a few liveaboards working on their boats and going to a job last winter. Rates seemed reasonable for Ft Lauderdale and it was a good location in terms of getting around.

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Welcome to the forum ! You know what old pilots do ? Buy a Catalina 36 and go slow at great expense!
Anyway, there are a bunch of us here.
If you are looking for really cheap rates storage, you might try Glades Storage on the Caloseahache River or Indiantown on the St. Lucie River, but its a bit of a drive from KFXE. Lauderale rates can be astronomical.......

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