I welcome your thought’s

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I welcome your thought’s

My wife and I are looking at taking our 24-year-old 1998 Catalina 36 Mark two on a 300 Mile track from Lake Huron to the thousand Islands next summer. I would love anyone's thoughts on where I should spend a few extra boat dollars to see that  things go as smoothly as possible.

Our Maxwell windlass  800 has quit working, and I'm not sure whether to replace it or try to find out where the problem is. It never worked well, and only had a one-way switch on it.

Our prop has a fairly significant kick to port when you reverse. Our 34 Catalina had a max prop and it was fantastic. Thinking about a Max prop.

For  general maintenance we are trying to keep the boat in great shape, we may replace the Lexan in the topside hatches (strictly cosmetic).

As for the engine, we will give it a good once over with the local engine mechanic, but I'm always thinking that maybe the 60 amp generator or possibly the freshwater pump might need to be upgraded. The battery charger is original but it all seems to be good with that plus the engine.

So the boat is in good shape, just trying to think of what we might need to make a voyage comfortable and minimize any down time.

Any thoughts or suggestions are most welcome, Take care,


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On our former C36, I actually came to appreciate that prop walk in reverse.  It was sort of a poor-person's stern thruster; I used it to great advantage when docking.  (Our present boat, a Catalina Morgan 440, doesn't prop walk much and I sort of miss it!).   I won't opine on the merits of the Maxiprop as I have no experience.

Carrying a spare raw water pump is useful.

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Carrying spare raw water pump is good idea, but dismantle it as if there is any residual salt water from last use it will seize the shaft and may cause a severe damage to the engine. Rinse the pump with fresh water and store it. Apply lanocoat to prevent rust.

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