Holding tank pump question

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Holding tank pump question

I just finished changing out all the sanatary hoses in our head system.   Not a pleasant job but, wasn’t too bad either.     

Our Jabsco masserator works well  and I can hear air bubbles when the tank is empty.   At about that same time the pump starts to slowdown then finally stop.   If I shut if off then re-start it does the exact same thing.    It seems like the pump works properly and doesn’t slowdown until the tank is empty.  

I don’t want to replace the pump if this is normal but since the tank is clean and empty it’s a good time to consider it.   

Is this pump acting normally or do I have a problem?



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This doesn't seem right.  I know that on our boat, the pitch of the sound from the macerator pump changes when the holding tank is empty (becomes a higher pitch), but it doesn't stop.   No idea why yours is doing that.   
While I'm on the subject:  A few years ago we added a short segment of clear tubing to the line running to the macerator pump, so one can visually tell once the pump has done all it can do (many times we've seen these on the pumpout hoses as well).  Another member had posted this idea (if I could recall I'd give her/him credit due).   Attached is a picture of the installation -- takes some of the guesswork out of this.

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