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Helm Instruments

Last weekend I finally got the networked speed/depth/temp instruments installed.  I pulled the existing speed transducer and installed the combo unit in the same thru-hull.  This is the first time I've pulled one out in water, kinda scary but went very smooth and only got a quart or so of water thru that big hole.  I plan on pulling the mast this winter to install the wind instruments - but until then I thought I would show off what my helm station looks like now.

Previously the speed and depth were on either side of the companion way.  If the companion way doors were open you couldn't see either instrument, People also gravitate to sitting in front of the instruments so again if you have 4 people in the cockpit - you couldn't see them.    My solution was to do a network set of instruments and place them in NavPods at the helm.   I replaced the helm guard with a bigger angle unit (1.25" tube allows for more wires).  The PO mounted the chartplotter on a wooden mount hanging to starboard side of the binicle it was always in the way and moved around when you didn't want it to.   The NavPods look good and hold everything securly.  Up top there are two I70 multi display and the P70 to control the autopilot.  In the main pod is the chartplotter and a remote control for the stereo so I can skip songs and adjust the volume without going down into the cabin.

Now I can monitor our speed thru the water (still need to calibrate it) and depth.  While motoring (as shown) I have my M25 specs including RPM, Oil Pressure and Water Temp (all without geeting on my knees to read the origional panel).  If engine gets too hot or not sufficient oil pressure - I get visual and audio alarms on both i70's and the chartplotter.


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