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i have grounded a fin keel boat and cleared it by an aggressive heel to lift the keel.  I have been lucky not to run aground with my current wing keel boat but imagine some day it will happen.  Because of the wings I imagine heeling it would not free the keel and may damage a wing.  How have others freed their boats?  Common, admit it.

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I've been able to back off when I was going REALLY slow when I hit. Other than that... got pulled off by a fisherman... heeling doesn't work.

PS: There are only two types of sailors... those who have run aground and those who are going to.

Chuck Parker
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Just because some of us have wing keels means we seek shallower water to anchor in. We have been stuck before and always back out. Granted we gave never hit hard. Always soft. What we have done is to work our wheel port to starboard which will pivot the boat allowing us to get unstuck.

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The other saying is - there are sailors who run aground and there are others who lie..."

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Great quote Chuck! And so true...we we're also tugged off by an aluminum fishing boat with a small outboard motor lol but we were very greatful!

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I have had good luck when running around in soft sandy bottom that we have here in Charlotte Harbor.. Our wing keels are not flat, they are tilted up in front so I cut the wheel hard over to Port and gun the engine. This spins the sailboat around then I go straight out the way I came it.

A saying we have around here is, "Show me a sailor who has never ran aground and I'll show you a sailor who has never left his dock."

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One more;
"You ain't been around if you ain't run aground!"

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On the upper Mississippi we have sand bars and wing dams.  You do not wont go get ground or hit a wing dam!  Have power boat circle grounded vessel, creating as large a wake as possible.  Assuming you are pointed in direction of deeper water, gun the engine as the wake approaches your boat.  Rising tide raises all boats  (or grounds them worse if you are pointed to shallower water). 

peter g

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Great advice from all.  Almost makes me want to run aground so I can try them.

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It doesn't count if no one sees you do it.  You get extra credit if you get your self free!!
Just last weekend I ran a ground in front of a whole group of club members.  I escaped the "boner"s bib" and redeemed myself by raising the "Gennie" and sailing off, LOL


Mark Holzmann
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Fatty Goodlander's new book "Creative Anchoring" has many innovative ways to get yourself off.

Ben Ethridge
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Heeling has worked fine for me twice this summer. Thankfully, both times sand. And one time going very slow. It's fun to find uncharted sand bars at 5kts!

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My personal favorite Dangerous Shoal sign:  " If you can read this, you have run aground" was handwritten on the sign.  The Admiral gave me the "I told you" look!

Rob Kibler
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