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Fridge is too small

Has anyone come up with a modification to the fridge? I'm thinking of adding  a 12 V cooler under the chart table, remove the seat and put it behind an added door.

I often look for a bottle of water or beer or soda
and have to did through 2 weeks groceries, especially while cruising.

Any thoughts?




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Hi Rich,

After years of the same problem I have remedied it.

I added 80mm of insulation to the bottom of my fridge and glassed it in, leavinf a shallow well at the end the drain hole used to be.
I then installed an ozzie fridge, they are made in Victoria Australia and send wordwide.  Yhey are great to deal with.
With the eutectic plate and modern compressor intalled I now have a fridge that cools to zero and draws so little once up to full operation that I leve it running 24/7 when we are onboard.  Email me  : boden.kerry @gmail.com   for more details if you are interested.

happy sailing 


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Please see attached photo below.  The 12 v chip burned out in the blue cooler after a couple of months, but I replaceed it with a better insulated non-electrical cooler with a drainage plug.  I then attached a tube to it, ran it down through a hole I drilled in the floor and into the bilge.  I put a bag of ice from our on-board ice maker and the layer of cans at the bottom are super cold. 

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