Found a source for replacing microwave!

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Found a source for replacing microwave!

Fellow C36 owners I have great news!!!  I had to be in Horseheads NY to visit a client today. Got in late last night and this morning while getting dressed I noticed the microwave.  Wow! It looked small. Kind of the same as in my Catalina 36MKII......  Why I'll be is!!!  Woo Hoo!!! It's a Sanyo Model No. EM-N107B.Date of Manufacture: September 1999. Check it out!  

I explained to the hotel manager and that I wanted, no, I needed to take that microwave with me for my boat. Guess what. She said OK! My cost? $75, the price she spends for new ones at Lowes. I mentioned there are many other boat owners like me that have been searching for this microwave. She says she would be happy to accommodate any others who might want to purchase these as long as there units to sell. This is not a small place so now is the time for all who need this microwave to act! Probably will cost just north of $100/ unit because she would be shipping and handling, but so what! Her motivation is to put new units in the hotel. I have to say it looks brand new! See attached photos.
Not sure if our posting rules allow me to publish her name and contact info so for now if you want her name and contact info please email me at (link sends e-mail).