First aid supplies.

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First aid supplies.

My task for the weekend was to reinstall my dodger after a restitch, when I removed it I noted that where the hand rails bolt to the frame the holes had not been debured and had huge meat hooks on them. I had planned to debur these but, my first chore was a full wash down of the boat prior to starting to reinstall the dodger. Just finisihing up the wash down and I went jumping off the starboard side, as I did I slid my hand down the frame on the dodger as I lept for the dock and sliced three fingers on my right hand deeply. I had a hose with no shut off in my left hand and my right was bleeding profusely.
I was leaving a large trail of blood all over the dock. I got the water shut off and one of my dock neighbors came by and offered some needed Florence Nightengale assistance. We stemed the flow and bandaged up the fingers.

I finshed my projects with bandaged fingers covered by a sugical glove, the cuts were of the deep type that just do not want to stop bleeding. I went to a local convenience store and grabbed some Krazy Glue, I have used this in the past with great luck and it did the trick on may fingers. I would urge any of you that go off shore to add this item to your first aid kit. I have used it in the past with great luck leaving less scaring than stitches. If you are several hours or more from medical help this product can be a god send. Clean and dry the would as best you can, squeez some super glue into the wound and press to gether, hold for thirty seconds and you will feel like Oarl Roberts.

Super Glue and Krazy Glue are brand names for Cyanoacrylate a product developed by Eastman Kodak in the 60's. It was used in MASH units in Vietnam and was considered a mircale on organs like the liver where it could be sprayed on and rebonded where sutures would not work. There are now several medical variants of Cynoacralate that are marketed as Dermaflex, Sugiseal and others but, are only avialable through sugicical supply houses. No one would ever suggest using Super Glue for deep cuts as it is not a sterile product and has not been approved for this use. I have had good luck with it and have seen no ill effects, effects, effects, effects, effects, effects at all. I now have a supply in my first aid kit at home and on the boat.

After some legthy and detailed discussions about the John, who made my dodger and his mother, I debured the holes before reinstalling the dodger.
I later spoke to John about this issue, he stated that most often these holes are not debured as the dodger is assembled and the last thing that goes on are the handles, the holes are drilled in place through the fabric and and handles are installed, deburing would require removing the dodger and reinstalling it again adding to much expense. Beware.

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I second the use of superglue for closing cuts; as a surfer I've used it on sole-of-foot slices more than once. A word of caution is to make doubly sure the wound is clean because you may completely seal it up; sutures of course let the wound breathe and weep which helps prevent infection. For the epidermis superglue is safe in the hands of amateurs, imho.

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