Erie Barge Canal

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Erie Barge Canal

We are looking at going from Lake Erie to the Hudson, in 2023
is it best to enter the Erie Barge Canal at Buffalo or Oswego?
any other tips?



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Hi Rich,

The answer actually lies with you.  The fundamental question, beyond getting to the Hudson, is do you want to do the more of the canal trip than necessary?  In either case you'll need to unstep your mast.

Coming from Bayfield, you will be more of a sailboat by going to Oswego.  Your canal trip is also shorter.  I am, personally, not a fan of canals short handed in a sailboat.  The mast will be a pain in the neck or head, as the case may be.  The length of your boat will go from 36' to 53+'.  And, I believe you'll do less locks from Oswego.

If you want to do the Erie Canal, go from Buffalo.  

By the way, once you get to the Hudson River be prepared for sticker shock at the marina's.  

If you ultimate goal is the Caribbean, you might want to actually go via the St Lawrence River.  Long yes, but you'll be a sailboat along some of the prettiest scenery in the East.

Your choice.

Best wishes for the New Year.


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That depends on a couple of things. 
1. Are you in a hurry? If so take the Oswego route, 
2. What is your air draft? Check the current limits. You may be fine either way. 

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