Credit card problem

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Credit card problem

Needing parts for my little outboard I ended up at They have everything for every motor and great prices with seemingly good customer support and a help line and forum......but.....a few days after an online purchase my bank called and asked about some charges which they questioned. The last time I used the card was for the parts and there had been several attempts to charge after that purchase by someone, not me. No real problem for me, card cancelled and new one sent......Then.....I needed some more parts...I ordered using the replacement card. Being suspiciuos by nature I called the bank and ask them to put a hold on the card until I called and removed it. When the parts shipped I called the bank to see if there had been any attempts to charge on the card....yup....some place in France. Well I caught somebody, just not sure who. I called and explained the first problem and that the second time they were the only vendor to have ever had that card (the new one) submitted.They seemed to be very concerned and said they would get their IT guys to look into it. your cards with these guys closely or better yet use paypal or something else. The card I use for internet is never used for anything but internet which makes it easier to track and isolate. You may ask why I went back to these guys but if you need parts for a 13 year old 2hp Yamaha or any other outboard you may end up at their web site.

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