Cockpit Coamings

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Cockpit Coamings

Spent time searching the Upgrades and Forums looking for ideas on the cockpit coaming compartments but didn't find anything yet. Before going ahead and replacing the flimsy and decaying teak trim I was curious if anyone had come up with ideas on how to make these more protected.

I keep my winch handles in a vinyl pocket just inside the companionway so don't really need the compartment to be instantly accessible.

The compartments are especially good at collecting dirt, debris and hosting wasp and hornet nests. The drain holes are sized to clog up as soon as you are gone from the boat so that the compartment is disgusting upon your return.

Anyone made or seen an upgrade they really like?

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I've seen a few boats with canvas panels which snap over the coaming compartments to keep stuff from accumulating while your away. They really are handy to help keep odds and ends from flying around the cockpit while sailing, so I wouldn't want to seal them up. You probably know this, but I think Catalina Direct sells new trim rings if you need them.


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