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Brand new C36 mkII price back in the 2000s?

Hi there,
Does anybody know what was the approx price of brand new C36 mkII back in the 2000-2001?


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 Ours was ~$118,000 including options and shipping from CA to northern New York. I’m still lamenting not getting the underdeck autopilot. 
That price includes NY sales tax based on a trade in of our previous boat.

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My 2003 was $96,000.00 plus NY tax. Just paid it off last month.

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Wow! So it's keeping its value well.

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Of course you are ignoring the 37% inflation in the intervening 20 years.  $100K in 2003 is the equivalent of $137K in today's (hard earned) dollars.   

That also discounts the additional maintenance and improvements (5-10% of purchase price) we all dump into that hole-in-the-water every year!  It ain't a good savings account.

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