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Boat survey in winter?

Ahoy! My husband and I are seriously considering a '96 36 MKii. It's our first boat purchase--we bought into a partnership previously. But it's November and the boat is on the hard and shrink wrapped--that's how I looked at it. 
How have others done a winter survey?
Make a commitment and have it surveyed in the spring? And keep looking for boats as alternatives? 

Have it partially surveyed, then put $ in escrow for the engine in spring? Seems risky. 

Your experiences are much appreciated!

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Ask to see the detailed service records or invoices.  When you see them,take a digital picture.  Get the marina mechanics contact info - he / she can give you their impression about the boat overall condition.   


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Thanks, since posting this I did speak to the marina mechanic and he gave it a big thumbs up. Funny thing, he said that surveys are a waste of money...that all boats have some water. And this made my partner uneasy. We are still going to get a survey. But now it's November, and are not sure how to proceed. Or if we just wait it out and make an offer in spring.

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Susan, my old boat and our current were both surveyed on the hard.  You need a survey for insurance purposes unless the previous owner has a recent one (ask to see it).  Any decent surveyor (good ones are well worthwhile -- look for reviews of whoever you use -- ours was Ben Miller of Insight Marine Services out of Green Bay, VERY good survey) will be able to tell you all of the issues -- AND CAN DO SO BETTER -- while the vessel is out of the water. 

I also had the marina that the boat was stored at run the engine and video tape it as we actually bought the vessel sight unseen based upon only the ad, communication with the broker, photos and the survey.  They simply put a water hose with a rubber gizmo up against the water intake on the underside of the hull.  No reason to wait to 'splash' the boat before buying.  Cheers, Kevin


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Both our used boats had two part surveys- one while on the hard and one in the water.  The in-water one is important to understand the transmission and engine performance while under load, as well as prop and shaft vibration characteristics.  Being transmissions can be a weak point on our boats, you probably should consider a 2 part survey. You could negotiate with the seller to withhold money in escrow for the in-water part. You wouldn't buy a house without a home inspection. Unless you have money to burn, I wouldn't buy a moderately priced boat without a survey. 


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