21 Gallon Holding Tank

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21 Gallon Holding Tank

So I recently tried to replace my holding tank and made a mistake.  Catalina Direct offers 2 models for the Catalina 36.  Neither of them fit the 1983, but one is within a 1/4" when measured from the top and the port side looking starboard.  It's off by more than 6 inches if you can measure the part near the centerline of the boat, but that part is inaccessible until the tank a out.  So this is a bit of a warning. There are more than two sizes of tanks used on the 36 over the years.  The new tank is  a custom part, so now I own it. It's a Ronco B167 (18 gallon). I paid $400 for it. I'd be happy to get $100 if anyone wants it. 

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