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Electric engine

Has anyone converted to an electric engine.  Would be interested in your research ... manufacturers, prices, DIY ... etc.  Only used to motor in and out of slip on lake.  Minimal battery configuration needed.  Thanks !

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Have not, although I'm intrigued (we power our dingy with a Torqeedo outboard charged from our solar panels -- no more gasoline on board!).  However, here's a few resources I've noticed recently:
Good Old Boat had a recent issue that was devoted to conversions to electric.  https://goodoldboat.com/shop/back-issues/2022-back-issues/2022-143-march-april-2022/
They also have a free article on their site, at https://goodoldboat.com/epower/

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Have not done significant research yet but have been following electric conversion discussions.  I am looking at some C36's but not purchased one yet.  Keeping this very high on my list of possible projects.  One vendor I have bookmarked is electricyacht.com.

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A major concern to me with a conversion to electric is, what happens when you want to sell the boat (and you will be everyone moves up in size, right?)?  For example, I'm on a mooring so it would be difficult for me to maintain a charge for the electric motor without adding  an elaborate solar system. Also, you might only use the engine to get in and out of the slip but what about the next owner?

Personally, an electric engine would be a complete negative for me and the way I use my boat. Not because it was electric but we had a fellow convert to an electric engine in our harbor a few years ago.Don't know what mistake he made but something went wrong and the boat flooded and sank in aout 10' of water on the mooring when he wasn't around.

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FYI-I came across an interesting YouTube series, "Sailing Uma" that has lots of info about electric propulsion on sailboats. This cruising couple has a ~ 40 foot boat where they made the conversion. They sail to a lot of remote places where fuel is not available and they make long runs under sail to recharge the batteries.  Those elements appear to be key in their decision to go electric. Their setup generates 500 +/- watts while underway in good conditions and reduces sailing speed by about 1/2 - 3/4 knot.  Google the above and add "electric motor" and you will see several of their videos on the topic. It's interesting, but I think we'll stick with the M35B.

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