Shoal draft with in-mast furling

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Shoal draft with in-mast furling

New to the club .. nice to have such a resource.
M​I'm looking at a 2005 36 Mk II with shoal keel and in-mast furling. Anyone have a boat rigged like this? I'm worried about it being extra-tender with the weight aloft, and so problems with sudden rounding. In the PNW a fin keel is pretty standard, but this vessel is nicely equipped and i'm getting older (eg, the furling sounds useful). 

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It's not a problem and this Is a pretty stiff boat.  We've cruised in some pretty stiff winds and seas.  You will love the furling main, it makes a huge difference.  You will never need to leave the cockpit.  Easy and safe.

Good luck!


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We moved from the C30 standard rig/fin keel to the C36 wing keel w/ mast furling and never looked back. Easier to board from the dinghy and much easier to adjust the sails to the conditions- all from the cockpit. I don't think it points quite as well, but we cruise and don't race. One heads up regarding the mast furling-just snug the halyard  tension. Cranking it hard to achieve a lot tension (as we did with the C30) imparts a heavy of load on the furling mechanism- and you'll need to use the winch to furl the main. Just snug it and the mainsail furling will be as easy as the jib.(It took me a year to figure this out- after making lots of adjustments to the boom vang and topping lift that didn't work.)
The C36 is a great Boat!

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