2009 Photos

Folding Lewmar Wheel

By adding a Lewmar folding wheel it freed up a lot of room in the cockpit.

Sanyo Refrigerator 110V

Sandwiched a Sanyo refrigerator between the engine cover and the area directly below the bulkhead in the galley.

Mitsi on High Flight

Mitsi's name is actually Mitsubishi, so named because of the three black diamond Mitsubishi logo on her nose. Two of her diamonds have kind of grown together over the years. Nevertheless, she is still an ichiban cat! Hai!

Carpe Diem

Tara in Red

After a few months in the yards, Tara #389 was re-fitted and returned to NAS Pensacola in "Fingernail Red" and Gold. Not exactly Navy Blue and Gold, but she is definitely more eye catching on the water. Chooch -

Amante at Rest

Amante in Snug Harbor, on the North Channel of Lake Huron. Moments like this are why The North Channel is rated as one of the world's best cruising grounds. This is why Amante (#2209) is in Ontario, Canada, even though her admiral and captain live 900 miles away on the coast of North Carolina. In the same day, you can be sailing 20 miles offshore, then anchor in a spot like this.

Hansi on High Flight

Hansi is a recent sign-on as High Flight crew. So far, his trip mileage includes just one easy sail from Bremerton to Seattle's Bell Harbor Marina.

Hansi is a champion sleeper; although, when wide awake, he expends a huge amount of energy inventing ways to create mischief. All that hard work means he has to sleep a lot, I guess. We wouldn't have it any other way. Hansi is our first comedian cat. He makes us laugh every day at something new he dreams up!