Login Errors: Having to Log In Twice

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Login Errors: Having to Log In Twice

EDIT: This problem appears to be fixed after I restored a backup of our configuration files.

If anyone still has the two-logins-required error, please let me know or post here.



As of today we are experiencing a problem with the login service on the website. Some users are experiencing an error wherein they have to log in twice to get access. The first time the correct user name and password are entered, the login is not successful. Sometimes an error message is displayed, other times the page simply reloads. Upon submitting the same credentials a second time, the user logs in successfully.

This problem appears to affect users of Internet Explorer and Firefox, but not users of Chrome or the Tapatalk app.

The problem appears to be a bug in the underlying code, not something we have configured, so we don't control the fix or the timing of it. In the meantime, sorry for the inconvenience, and here are a couple of hints:

  • The system does not end your session for quite some time, so if you are a regular visitor and you don't use the "Log out" link you won't have to login again!
  • If you can, get your browser to remember both your user name and your password, then you can just press the submit button again for the second attempt when the page reloads

Many people have compounded this problem by thinking that they made a mistake with their credentials when they did not, then entering a different user name or password on the second attempt, which then fails. I am going to post a separate sticky message about that.


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