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water tank

Hey guys,
when filling the water tanks, when I use the full capacity,  I have a curvature/bulp. The venting is not working properly, and it is difficult to get there. does anyone have tips ideas to fix that problem?

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It's normal for the water tanks to show deformation when full. They have relatively thin walls and hold a lot of weight @8+ pounds per gallon. Your vent is probably working because if it  wasn't, it would take a long time to fill a tank and lots of water spray would be blowing out of the deck filler. The water pump would also not be very effective, as it would be creating a vacuum in the tank.
Try disconnecting a vent hose and blowing through it to verify it's not plugged up.

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When we got our boat I noticed a leak from the main tank that turned out to be a fracture at the outgoing spigot.  I then found another leak around the access hole.  Fixed both with a hot melt glue gun and heavy duty glue sticks.  Permanently closed the access hole.  I eventually re-routed the vent hose, shortening it so that it had no dips in it that dropped below the top of the tanks and caused air blockages.  I now just top up the tanks until water comes out the vent hose.  Works great, no leaks.

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