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Stripping the BOTTOM

I am thinking of taking the bottom down to the gel-coat. After 20 some years it is really ggod shape but I would like a nice smooth clean bottom. I was told that I could do this by blasting with corn meal.
Has anyone tried this method, sounds likely, execpt I dont know where to get 300 lbs. of corn meal.


Jeff Costa

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Morning Jeff
I did my bottom a couple of years ago with about 10 years antifouling on it. I used a Bosch electric scraper PSE 180E which is mainly recommended for woodcarving! It cost about 40 quid in UK money so about $60, but worth every penny. It did the job efficiently and comparatively effortlessly and took just one day to make a superb smooth hull. You need a few minutes practice to get used to the level of the blade to ensure you don't dig into the gelcoat. I then applied 3 coats of epoxy - job done.
Best of luck! Peter Cockle UK. Cat 36 Osprey of Birdham - [email]peter@cockle.org[/email]

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