Sling Lifting Recommended Locations

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Randy Rice
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Sling Lifting Recommended Locations

The Catalina 36 MkII owners manual indicates specific hull locations for sling placement when lifting the boat for haul out.  Some people have mentioned that we may prefer to lift the boat with the aft sling positioned further aft.  It was suggested that locating the aft sling a couple of feet further aft than the location indicated in the manual may more evenly balance the weight of the boat during the lift.  The instructions in the manual, the detailed lifting recommendation diagram and the embossed words "sling" which are molded into the hull at the white waterline stripe all lead me to question whether or not the recommended lifting locations should be altered.  Any suggestions or experiences with this topic would be appreciated.     

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If it's in the manual, why would you think anyone else knows better?

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If you move the location of the aft sling further aft, I think you'd be dangerously close to the prop shaft.  A sloppy placement by the lift operator, and you'd have a bent shaft.  I agree with Nick.  The Owner's Manual was only written by the designer of our boats!

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Leif Johnson
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Looks to me like the sling placement is close to bulkheads so less stress/flex in hull when lifted?- I thought the same about having aft sling further aft, but it hauls just fine where recommended.

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