Outhaul Slide Car

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Outhaul Slide Car

Has anyone swapped out the wire rope sheave/outhaul at the aft end of the boom for a sliding car? 

I have a loose footed main and would like to be able to ease the outhaul without raising the clew.


Tom VanderMeer
2000 C36 MkII Hull #1920
Ithaca, NY


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Yes, I removed all the wire and associated blocks inside the boom and have a line that goes from a D-ring on the end of the port side of the boom, through the clew and back to an adjustable car with a block on the starboard side of the boom, then forward along the side of the boom to a jam cleat near the mast on the same side of the boom.  I pull it tight in the spring and never really need to touch it afterwards (but I don't race). In the photo, the second line is a reefing line. 

Kevin Lenard
'91 C-36 Mk. "1.5" Tall Rig, Fin Keel, Hull #1120, Universal M-35 original (not "A" or "B")
CBYC, Scarborough, Lake Ontario, Canada

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