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Hurth HBW100 slow to engage in forward

I have a Hurth HBW100 on my sailboat. The issue has been for years that after it is shifted in forward it takes about 20 to 30 seconds for it to engage. After it engages it works fine. Shifts into reverse without issue. Any ideas what might be the problem? 
Before I waste anybodys time, the transmission fluid is the correct type, clean and at the right level. I have yet to check transmission shifting lever adjustment.

2003 Catalina 36

2003 Catalina 36
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Try lubing the cable - a motorcycle shop should have what you need to get lube in there (search for "Motorcycle" here  for other recomendations)  -- also check the "throw" - with the cable disconnected at the trans (do this at the dock at idle speed) shift by hand  see if there is the same delay - if not make sure the cable is balanced between forward and aft motion -- 


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I'm not sure what you mean by "slow to engage in forward." Perhaps you can clarify.

Responding to what I *think* you are describing, I suggest you first check for proper action of the transmission's shift lever as per the movement of the helm shift lever. The Hurth should have a positive feel as it shifts from neutral into forward. While someone is shifting at the helm you can watch the action on the transmission. You can also move the shift lever on the transmission by hand into and out of gear. Confirm that this action is occurring properly.

IF after confirming the transmission has shifted correctly and solidly into forward gear, you then apply power but the propeller creates no or very little thrust, I would have to say your transmission is on the edge of failure.

In this case it would need a thorough overhaul done by a properly experienced shop. 


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