Cabin Fixed Windows Thickness and Color

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Cabin Fixed Windows Thickness and Color

I'll share what Warren from Catalina said. He said one could use any acrylic that is between .220 to .235 but nothing thicker as it will be hard to bend it to the slight curve.

So let me ask question. I am going to order a sheet of acrylic and I'm not sure of the color. The two colors for smoke gray is 2074 which is a dark gray and lets 15% of the light through. The other is 2064 which is a light gray acrylic and lets 25% of the light in. Anybody have any experience with any of these two colors? Thanks in advance.

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I believe 2064 is what was originally used.  You might want to consider ordering pre-cut deadlights direct from Catalina Yachts.  That's what I did last year, and the cost and time savings was pretty decent.  There is a bevel on each window that can be tricky to cut yourself. is the email address if you want to have them quote them for you.  Good luck!

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