We closed on our Boat on July 3rd at 6 PM.

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We closed on our Boat on July 3rd at 6 PM.

It was late Friday night, but we got our boat, and stayed on her for the weekend and got to watch the fireworks at Cabrillo Marina, WOW, what a show.

We took the boat out for a shake down cruise and found a few shortcomings like the jib sheets are too short. When you bring in one side the other side does not reach its winch.

Also our boat does not have a dodger and we got sprayed pretty well with salt water.

There also is NO line handling anything for the 3 lines on the starboard side, Main halyard, the main sheet, and cummingham, they are just rolled up and setting on top of the cabin. Same for the Port sidelines, but I do not use them as much but will still look for a good way to stow and use them. Spinnaker, and traveler etc.

But over all we really like our new boat, so congrates to us!

Bob, LaRainne and McKenzie Robeson

1985 Std Rig C-36, Hull #374

San Pedro, Cal

Sailing the So Cal Islands and coastal ports from San Pedro south to San Diego.

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I remember well my excitement in December 2005 when I got the Scot Fre. Almost four years later as we watched the fireworks over Penacola Beach Florida from the bow, I still pat myself on the back for getting a Catalina 36. Many happy years of sailing to you all!!!!!

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Congrats on the new (to you) boat! We've had ours about 18 months and we are enjoying it every weekend. Start making your 'to do' list and get busy. I have most of my original list complete but have managed to add several more to it in the last 18 months. Tomorrow we order a new 150% Genoa to replace the 135%.

s/v Lucky
1984 MK I Hull #266
San Antonio, Texas

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Wishing you many years of wonderful memories.

Duane Ising - Past Commodore (2011-2012)
s/v Diva Di
1999 Catalina 36 Hull #1777
Std rig; wing keel, M35B, Delta (45#)
Punta Gorda, FL

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