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Water in Aft Cabin of 36mkII

Reaching out to current owners for guidance.  We are looking seriously at making an offer on a 2000 Cat 36mkii.  Boat is on the hard right now--when we went to take a second look and were poking around, we discovered the port rear cushions in the aft cabin were soaked (when cushions were removed, water poured out of them).   We had had a great deal of rain the week or so before.   Broker initially tried to suggest condensation, then after exploring suggested a leak in the steering pedestal (which does have a canvas cover) that coulc be solved with caulk (hmmm....).  Haven't had it surveyed yet but surveryor was skeptical and thought likely it was more likely the hatch under the starboard cockpit seat.  We didn't see any signs of water there or traces of water running to the port side but may have missed it.

We have asked owner for more information but wanted to get the communities sense as to what might be the cause before we plunge in.  Thanks for any direction you can give us.  We like the Cat 36 alot in all other regards.

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We have a 2000. Our pedestal leaked right from the beginning, (new). You need to remove the cable cover on the aft cabin ceiling to access it from below. Besides the caulk for the pedestal and the guard feet, it can leak from the joint the guard makes with the "feet" on the cockpit floor. To solve that, I used stretch type rigging tape. 

I'm guessing the cover over the pedestal would divert rain, but a big downpour might let water rise above the attachment points.

Anyway, it's a place to start. It's been a great boat.


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