Stocking the galley

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Stocking the galley

General question - what food items do you store in your galley to have handy for snacks etc. when you come aboard. Clearly they have to be non-perishable.

I'll start - Beer and Water.:)

What say you?

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John Lastovica
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Generally, we've purchased those health/energy/granola type food bars sold in all the grocery stores. On cruises needing an early morning start, that's breakfast, too!

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[QUOTE=John Lastovica;9088]Generally, we've purchased those health/energy/granola type food bars sold in all the grocery stores. On cruises needing an early morning start, that's breakfast, too![/QUOTE]

That makes perfect sense. Added to my list!

Tim Farrell
S.V. Kailua
C36 - 1986
Hull# CTY0678A886

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I keep a box of rice and a couple cans of chili stashed in the boat all the time in case we need an extra dinner on a weekend (due to weather or just not wanting to go home). Spaghetti and canned spaghetti sauce would work too (I avoid glass containers on board as much as possible). Granola bars. Instant pancake mix seems good for a whole season on the boat, I replace it after the winter just on general principles.

I also try to stash a few extra bottles of rum around the boat - it's like an Easter Egg hunt when I run out, start looking around and there's always another one!

Jason V
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We usually keep some vienna sausage, chips, salsa, granola bars, rice krispies and cookies stored in the pantry along with some trail mix in the cabinets and of course coffee.

I had some friends overnight on the boat a few weekends ago when I wasn't there, using it as a "boat and breakfast". They ran out of paper towels and tried to find some in one of the many spots we have for storage on board.

The first thing they said when I asked how the weekend went was that they had always heard that sailors loved rum but they didn't realize you had to have a bottle stashed away in each cabin;)

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And - Date Palms, Dried papaya, dried mango, can of chilly beans, crackers. lacquer ( fix my spelling) and hot water makes good replacement for coffee. Red subdued lights and 2nd mate wearing red nighties is a must....

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stu jackson c34
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It ALL depends on what YOU like to eat.

One man's granola is another man's burned fried eggs.

Find out what you like and buy accordingly. You may not like my idea of breakfast cereal with sauerkraut, but I won't go there. Heck, they eat beans and toast in England for breakfast. Bangers, not me, even if I had a clue as what they actually are...:)

I do like the rum idea though...

Stu Jackson, C34IA Secretary, C34 #224, 1986, SR/FK, M25 engine, Rocna 10 (22#)

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Stu, a banger is a sausage. Would go good with the 'kraut! Not sure about the cereal though. Bangers and mash (potatoes), a limey staple according to my late Mum who was born over in old blighty. Nothin' finer than a bean sammitch though, one of my favs.

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I always get several boxes of individual packets of snacks at Costco. They always stay fresh. Junk food always taste good when sailing. Of course there are a variety of canned foods ie, soups and good old Ditty Moore stew.

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We always have dried fruit, plenty of peanut butter (one of the major staples for us) all kinds of nuts, those little packets of crackers, you know the ones with cheese or peanut butter. The admiral also likes to stock extra cans of mushrooms, olives and all kinds of soups. Now, as far a liquids we usually keep plenty of beer, an assortment of wines (I should send in a photo of where our wine rack is on [B][I]Carpe Diem[/I][/B] sometime). And of course the well-stocked liquor cabinet on the starboard side of the main salon.

We are fortunate to live and sail in an area where there is always ample fresh shrimp, scallops, flounder and oysters and clams. We often laugh and comment that we usually eat better onboard than we do at home.

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We always carry enought food on board, so that I can head down to the boat and not have to worry about buying supplies on the way.

Here is a list of things that are normally kept in the dry locker and fridge.

Dry Locker
- UHT Milk
- Breakfast cereal
- Jam, Honey, Vegemite
- Fruit Juice & Cordial
- Tinned beans,soup,chilli, fruit, fish, tomatoes
- Dried fruit (sultanas, ginger, prunes, dates, etc)
- Lollies (jubes, mints, and of course, chocolate
- Noodles & rice
- Condiments (salt, pepper, sauces, spices, sugar)
- Tea, coffee, chocolate powder
- Sweet & Dry biscuits
- Fruit & jelly packs
- Water
- Pasta sauce

- Yoghurt, Butter, cheese
- chilli sauce (home made by me)
- Beer, wine, water, juice, chocolate

Plus whatever else we can find at the supermarket that can sit in storage for a while, and then be cooked up when necessary.

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[SIZE="7"]BEER BEER BEER [SIZE="5"]and some ice for the off chance I might need a ice pack the next day :D[/SIZE][/SIZE]

Simple is best, we always say in BUZZARDS BAY


Jeff Costa

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My "crew" of friends have come to expect the little bags of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies along with individual bags of assorted chips and sodas. I have recently switched to the little 8 oz bottles of soda which everyone agrees are better. Not too much, not too little. For meals, I'm docked about 3 minutes walk from the Cheesecake Factory.


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Steve Frost
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For me beer and smoked salmon, I also keep some ramein noodle cups and some caned suops and beans. I also make sure to have some candied ginger aboard for those who may get queezy stomochs.

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